Free movement of workers in the EU is good for you?

The European Commission launched a research yesterday. They did a research on the impact of the coming of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU and in particular in the case of the free movement of workers. They found out that has positive impact of the economies of Bulgaria and Romania and as well on the economies of the other EU-Countries.

For you in the long run, the free movement of worker in the EU, has possitive effect. You can more easily take the job abroad, in fact that means that talents of people gets spread more evenly over the EU to where the demand is.

But what do cheap workers from Romania have for a impact on workers in western europe? The home economy will be more competitive, so can get difficult to keep your head above water as a worker. For the consumers in the end we all profit from this.

SO in fact it has downsides, but in general we gained from the new EU Neighbours.


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